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Athena Hot Runners

Athena Hot Runner Controllers offer legendary quality, performance, and price.
These hot runner controllers can be modular or non-modular in design and can support a variety of plastics processing methods. Designed to control either hot runner tips or mold manifolds, they are available in single or multiple zones.  

Athena Has The Hot Runner For You
Athena Modular Series
The modular series hot runners are the simplest to operate. Athena offers a wide variety to meet your hot runner needs. Modules are designed to be used in mainframes connected with appropriate cables. Multiple mainframes can be combined to provide up to 240 zones for any given system. 
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Athena RMB Series
The compact package design and affordable price make these controls ideal for runnerless molding applications by providing integrated hot-runner temperature control of either up to 6 zones or 12 zones. Each unit is equipped with an easy-to-use operator keypad/LCD display, along with discrete indicators for heat, boost, closed loop, open loop, idle and alarms.
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Athena BEDROS Series
BEDROS hot runner controllers are compact, robust, and deliver more functionality than standard medium-sized multi zone runnerless controls. BEDROS offers from 8 to 32 zones of microprocessor based temperature control and delivers more functionality with a full-featured, operator friendly touchscreen. The touchscreen has mold storage recipe capabilities that simplify single and multi-zone system set-up.
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