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Athena Hot Runner Modules

ALLIED INSathena-hot-runner-systemsTRUMENT SERVICE features hot runner systems by ATHENA Controls.  We have a large inventory of main frames, temperature control modules, cables, floor stands and accessories to meet all your hot runner needs.  Athena has achieved its reputation as the leader in the field of “hot runner” temperature control through a series of firsts in the plastics industry.

Athena Hot Runner Systems offer you a choice of plug-in temperature control modules:
Athena RMA hot runner module  Athena RMB hot runner module  
RMA Series RMB Series RMC Series
$295.00   $500.00  $600.00

Athena IMP hot runner module Athena RMT series hot runner module Athena RMX hot runner module
IMP Series  RMT Series  NEW! RMX Series 
 $325.00  $350.00  $400.00

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