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Athena Controls are in stock for immediate delivery!  Allied Instrument Service is the Midwest Sales & Service Center for Athena Controls.  Athena Controls offer legendary quality, performance, and price. A great choice for any industry. Choose from temperature controls, limit controls, & power controls. Call us today for assistance with your application.
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Athena Temperature Controls

These panel mount controls are available in 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 DIN. Some features include auto-tuning, universal input, universal voltage, RS232 or RS485 communications and more.

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Athena Limit Controls

Athena offers a variety of limit controls to choose from. Digital and analog units are available for your process protection. Units have FM approval to meet industry standards.

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Athena Power Controls

Athena Controls offers two types of SCR power controllers, namely Zero Voltage Switched Controllers and Phase Angle Fired Controllers. The 19Z and 39Z SCR Power Controllers are zero crossover fired, high-power solid state switched devices. The 19P and 39P SCR Phase-Angle Fired Power Controllers turn on each SCR for a controlled portion of a half-cycle of the line voltage. 

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