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BEDROS Multi-Zone Hot Runner

Athena BEDROS Multi-Zone Hot Runner
Athena BEDROS hot runner controllers are compact,

robust, and deliver more functionality than standard medium-sized multi zone runnerless controls. BEDROS offers from 8 to 32 zones of microprocessor based temperature control and delivers more functionality with a full-featured, operator friendly touchscreen. The standard BEDROS offers 32 zones of microprocessor based control, but the BEDROS XL can provide up to 64 zones of temperature control, all from a single touchscreen display. The touchscreen has mold storage recipe capabilities that simplify single and multi-zone system set-up.


BEDROS offers a user friendly touch screen with powerful software and easy to read graphics.
Check out these Features:
Compact package design
8 to 64 zones of control with 15 amps per zone
A user-friendly color touch screen with intuitive HMI and built-in buttons for joy stick operation
Accepts “J” or “K” thermocouple input
CompuStep® bake out feature prevents moisture at start-up
Built-in loop break, short, open, and reverse thermocouple
Slaving feature
Adjustable set-point limits
“Boost” mode for temporary % of power output increase
USB or Ethernet communications
Remote input standby function
Remote alarm output contacts
Mold storage recipe capabilities
GFI protection

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