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Digital Multimeters
DM383B              Only $59.95 DM420               Only $99.95

The DM383 is an excellent choice
for routine electrical checks.

Large LCD display
4Auto polarity
4Data hold
4Overrange indication
4Low battery indication
4Continuity beeper
45 Year limited warranty

The DM420 combines a wide capacitance range with the best features of the DM383, allowing measurement of run and start capacitors. 

4Capacitance up to 20mf
4600 V fuse protection on all current ranges
45 Year limited warranty

Clamp-on Meters
CA383               Only $50.00 DL250               Only $139.95
Low Cost AC Amp Clamp High Quality AC Amp Clamp

4The CA383 allows you to turn your multimeter into a clamp-on meter.  It 4Measures AC current and is designed for use with UEI models DM383 & DM420.
4Measure to 400 Amps AC

4400 AC Amps/ 600 AC/ DC Volts
410,000 uF Capacitance
4Temperature Measurement 
4DC uA For Flame Safeguard Testing
4UL CAT lll 600Volts
4Autoranging w/manual override
4Data hold with auto power off
43 year limited warranty

Temperature Measurement
DT200               Only $123.55 INF200               Only $174.95
Dual Temperature Tester Infrared Digital Thermometer
4Measure -328 to 2,498*F
(-200 to 1370*C)
4Triple display
4Accepts K, J, and T thermocouples
4Min/Max function records
high & low measurements
4Data hold
4Displays in C or F
45 year limited warranty
4Non-Contact temperature measurement to 788*F
4Nine Measurement Memory
4Switchable F or C readings
4Distance spot ratio 8:1
4Laser Targeting
4Min/Max/Diff/Avg display
4Backlit display
41 year limited warranty

UEI offers a wide variety of industrial test equipment.  For a complete catalog please visit our catalog request page or contact our sales department at:

3136 Clarence Avenue
Berwyn,  Illinois   60402
Phone:  708-788-1912
Fax:  708-788-2277
E-mail:  sales@alliedinstrument.com

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